Parafricta technology

In hospitals, clothing and bedding made from the unique low-friction Parafricta® fabric are used to protect patients' skin when there is a risk of damage to highly sensitive areas that may result in bedsores, otherwise known as pressure ulcers. Bedsores are a serious problem in both hospital and community care and can prove fatal if they allow infection to enter the patient's body.

The novel material that Parafricta® uses is more effective than traditional materials, as it has an ultra-low coefficient of friction, close to that of ice, an absence of stiction and a tensile strength close to that of steel. The fabric provides also an environment in which wound dressings can function effectively by keeping the dressing in place when subjected to friction. This is important, as the wounds have to be covered to prevent infection and to allow the high-tech dressings to do their job in healing the wound.

Parafricta® low-friction shear protection medical garments are today an integral part of the NICE pathway for Pressure Ulcer prevention and treatment and are being incorporated routinely into existing care pathways.

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