Debbie Gleeson wins prestigious BJN Award as “Pressure Care Nurse of the Year”

In a ceremony in London (UK) on March 10th, the 2017 BJN award went to Debbie Gleeson as "Pressure Care Nurse of the Year" for her pioneering work on Heel Pressure Ulcer Prevention at Whiston hospital by integrating Ultra-Low-Friction Bootees into Standard of care.

Parafricta® Ultra-Low-Friction Bootees™ aim to revolutionize Heel Pressure Ulcer management in hospitals and home care settings by resolving major issues: patient safety, nursing time and treatment costs, inventory and storage issues, patient psychological stress, and most importantly, none of the current systems are optimal for Heel Pressure Ulcer prevention. 

Maureen Coleman, Chairman stated "we are delighted that Debbie Gleeson won this very prestigious award and thank the judges involved for voting for her...this is a very exciting point in time and a recognition that Whiston hospital has been in the forefront in Pressure Ulcer (PU) prevention, by developing a PU risk assessment tool and integrating Parafricta® Low-Friction Technology™ into Standard of care.. this is also an endorsement that will help us inform health care professionals and the general public about the benefits of our technology…we are committed at APA Parafricta Ltd to working with end-users and professionals to develop innovative yet practical products".

Further Information
For further information contact Marc Dudelzak , APA Parafricta Ltd on 07427981671 (


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