Boots to Prevent Pressure Ulcers and Bed Sores

Parafricta® Bootees are made using a smart, strong, breathable, silk-like, low-friction, proprietary fabric that reduces the risk of friction and shear-related skin breakdown on the feet.

The foot is particularly vulnerable to pressure ulcers and other skin damage.  This is because people frequently dig in their heels to push themselves up in bed, or rub their feet on the bed due to agitation or spasms.  When subjected to friction and the associated internal shearing, the cells and tissues of the feet begin to break down, which first manifests itself as redness and inflammation (pre-stage 1 and stage 1 pressure ulcers) and may progress to blistering and ulceration (stage 2+ pressure ulcers).

Parafricta® Bootees provide a comfortable way to protect the feet and ankles (particularly the heels) from the risk of friction and shear-related pressure ulcers and other skin conditions.

There are three types of bootee.

Washable and reusable bootees in a slip-on style or Velcro® brand closure style.  These models may be prescribed and are available from our online store.  For more information please see the brochure or the handy User guide.

Single patient use bootees are also available in an easy-on style.  These bootees are used in the acute hospital setting.  For more information please see the brochure.

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