The Board

Executive Chairman – Maureen Coleman
Maureen has 20+ years of experience of pharmaceutical product development and strategic planning at Glaxo SmithKline.  She was CEO of NovaThera and has consulted to technology transfer groups at Imperial College, Kings College, and Brunel University. She is a Board member of MedInnovate and CNBio.

Chief Executive Officer   -  Dr Nick Garner
Nick has extensive, international experience of the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries from early stage development through to marketed products. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from London Business School.  He has a considerable track record of successful deal-making via both licensing and distribution deals.  Previous appointments included responsibility for European business development and alliance management at Therabel Pharmaceuticals and 3M Healthcare.

Trevor Jones – non-executive director
Trevor is a businessman and private equity specialist with more than 30 years of experience in investments and working with new businesses. He is also Network Investment Manager for The FSE Group and a non-executive director of Mishipay.

Euan Venters – non-executive director
Euan is a business leader with vast experience building branded consumer goods businesses and brands in UK, US and Africa and driven sales and market share of leading FMCG companies.  His previous roles have included Global Brand Director for Sanex skin care products, Managing Director of Greene King Brewing and Brands and is currently Commercial Director of the Fair Trade Foundation.

Dr Jerry Hutchinson – non-executive director
Jerry is a wound care specialist with a broad range of skills and experience, developed over 33 years with Squibb, BMS and ConvaTec, Inc, and as an independent specialist in innovation, pathophysiology and microbiology of wounds, product development, project and strategic planning, and commercialisation, with high level exposure to regulatory and clinical affairs.

The Team

Chief Executive Officer – Dr Nick Garner
Nick joined Parafricta in 2013 and became CEO at the start of 2015.

Senior European Product Manager – Marc Dudelzak
Marc joined Parafricta at the start of 2016.  Previously he was co-founder and Marketing Manager of M3AT which developed a highly innovative new urine management product for hospitals.  He has also worked in Product and Marketing Management roles at Convatec and Maersk Medical.

Administrative Manager – Maria Cuesta
Maria joined Parafricta at the time it opened its office in Bedford (September 2015).  Maria holds a Master´s Degree in Accountancy and Auditing from Valencia University in Spain.

Strategic Account Manager – Matt Archer
Matt joined Parafricta at the time it began direct national distribution of its products in the UK (October 2016).  Matt has previously worked in sales roles for Huntleigh, Invacare, Kimberley-Clark and Chaneco.